Brunei latest reviews and complaints

     Reya Saloon - bad service

i go there so many time already n give so many chance. everytime i go there, always cut no nice look. only one person there know how to cut nicely but i dont see her anymore. wash is good, customer service okay. Read more

     Lek Lek Jewellery Brunei - cheap and genuine quality gold

design is ok but price is real cheap compare to other shop in Brunei, The gold is genuine and has quality. Read more

     HH'Paradyz StoreBiz - BEST ONLINE SHOPPING

Best place to order a lot of cheaper products with a very good quality of items. Trusted since few years back. Keep on growing! Read more

     Reya Saloon - Bad service and hairdressers

I asked the hairdressers first if they can cut my hair like in the reference photo and told her about my concern of my naturally wavy hair. They said yes but then when cutting my hair, they stop halfway and said they cannot continue because... Read more

     PayGlass Company Sdn Bhd - Investment scam?

+971 58851 8411 Dubai investment scam phone number? ????????? ?????????????? ?????????????? ???????????? ?????????? Read more

     Brunei Classifieds - Do you need a Loan?

We provide various types of loan @ 2% interest rate get loans from $$$5000 to $$$100, 000, 000.00 dollars with a maximum duration of 25 yearsInterested Applicants should provide the below information to begin the application process. contac... Read more

     Divashirts - Scammer alert

Seem fake, been waiting for long time, I guess it will arrive next year. This is my first time ordering from them and it was terrible. First thing is that they force to book even though I haven’t confirmed but suddenly they just label me as... Read more

     Jollibee, Tutong Branch - not answering the phone.

hi. i just ordered c3, fries and cookies and cream sundae through go mamam. i cant contact jollibee Tutong cause i called multiple time. i ordered at 4.55 pm and its alr 6.34 pm is there any other way i can reach them? Read more

     PayGlass Company Sdn Bhd - Dangerous. The key was not be entertained

Although PayGlass may be friendly enough to meet you prior to rental agreement, upon completion of your term, be reminded you will not be notified. You will need to notify them one month earlier in spite of the completion of term and hence... Read more

     Mr DIY Batu satu - Rude cashier batu satu DIY

Saya ani kan complain mengenai juruwang di DIY FRESHCO BATU SATU yang biadap. Saya tidak membawa kad kredit & nada duit $$$1. Yang ada ngam $$$10 saja. And, bulih abiskita punya pekerja memberikan riak muka yang biadap. Disebabkan saya betu... Read more